For those of you familiar with Tabletop RPGs you know that there are a many different systems that people use to run their games. Dungeons and Dragons is the most popular one with 5 different editions depending when you began playing, and people have their favourite editions that they use. The system that we prefer to use for our campaigns is the Pathfinder Roleplaying system. I find that this system is a nice mix of different editions of Dungeons and Dragons and people often say that Pathfinder is D & D “3.75 edition”.

We are currently running a Pathfinder campaign that I have been writing since January 2016. In this series we will be allowing the reader to follow us along in our adventure beginning with a character intro and then recounting events up until present time in the campaign. At the point where we are up to present time in the campaign we may even start doing live plays and interviews if the interest is there. So without further ado let me introduce you to our characters and our players.

GM – Joee

I have played Dungeons & Dragons since I was in highschool but didn’t start GameMastering until years later when I began a World of Darkness campaign. I have also previously ran a Pathfinder campaign that was loosely based on the same premise as this one but it fizzled out quickly. During this campaign the characters are all young people who are in an Adventuring School and are being taught by some of the greatest adventurers in the world. As a GM I always run a character with the party. I am not sure how others feel about this but I find that if I have a character in the party I have more control over the story and it gives me prevention from total party kills.

Alxander – Male Human Ranger – Played by Joee

Alxander is a human ranger who knows little of his past since he was orphaned at the Adventuring School as a child. He is average height, average weight, has auburn hair and a short beard. Alxander is the best archer at the school but also carries a long sword just in case the fight gets too close.

Fundien – Female Elven Ranger – Played by Kim

Fundien is an elven ranger who comes from a royal Elven family but has distanced herself from her family to become an adventurer. She is slim, with dirty blonde hair, and a fiery personality. She is very proficient with two blades and often uses a bow as well. She is very competitive due to her stature and often gets into arguments with Alxander because of his superiority with a bow.

Kim is new to Pathfinder but has played World of Darkness before. With Kim being new, she often makes safe decisions, but she has grown into her characters skin as the campaign has gone on. It is interesting to note that it was not necessarily setup for Alxander and Fundien to argue with each other and be competitive it just turns out that way when you are a husband and wife playing the same type of characters, or just being in the same room.

Tank – Male Human Fighter – Played by Jon

Tank is a human warrior who has great warrior ancestors and a great legacy to uphold. He is a large dark haired man that wears heavy armour and wields a long sword and shield. Tank is fond of the drink and often finds himself being the first to a tavern to “look for information”.

Jon is a newbie to tabletop roleplaying and often makes decisions that leave the rest of the party scratching their heads, but the decisions are usually pretty entertaining especially as the GM who has to watch the party scramble to fix the problems that arise from the one who is supposed to be protecting them.

Egomas -Male Gnome Bard – Played by Michael

Egomas is a gnome bard who is semi famous and before the Adventuring School he was a wandering singer who gained knowledge of almost everything during his travels. He is not only a proficient singer but has knowledge of spells and can be deadly accurate with his rapier.

Michael is another newbie but has put a lot of research and work into his character even going as far as to create a binder that keeps track of his performances, spells, etc. At the beginning of the campaign we were making him wear a pink princess hat every time he was performing so we could keep track of it but he have since then bought him a ball cap with a music note on it instead.

Ganos – Male Human Paladin – Played by Evan

Ganos is another large, heavily armoured human, but this one worships the god Toma Thule. Using a 2 handed sword, Ganos smites his enemies and questions the morals of every single character in the party at all times. As most Paladins, Ganos is all about serving his god and spreading the word as much as he can.

Evan is also new to roleplaying and also makes decisions that are not too risky. The paladin character works well for him to do that as he should always be doing what is right and good.

Azalia – Female Elven Sorcerer – Played by Laura

Azalia is a slim dark haired Elven sorcerer with the elemental bloodline. I can’t give a lot of Azalia’s story away because she is super interesting and someone might read this and it would ruin the surprise, but just trust me she is pretty awesome.

Laura is pretty adept at Dungeons and Dragons and has played many campaigns before. She does have a fascination with the magic missile spell for some reason and often gets razzed as she rolls her damage after using it.

Lucien – Male Halfling Rogue – Played by Will

Lucien could be considered the biggest mystery in this entire campaign. It really isn’t widely known why he is at the Adventuring School as it seems he is a very adept rogue. He is so good at hiding he could be literally hiding anywhere and you wouldn’t know it. He is proficient with a crossbow and a dagger as well as learning how to handle some weaker potions.

Will is the most experienced with roleplaying at the table and has played a lot of D & D. His experience mixed with his class make him the one who will come up with creative ideas during a fight. As I run the game I can look over and see that he is planning his turn far in advance and that I am probably going to have to deal with some random idea he has.

That is the party that we will be following in the coming stories. I will be updating with a session or two each article until we reach the current point so that everyone can be kept up to date. Until next time!