As a GM i often do a short introduction scenario for each character that teaches the player a little about their character and their abilities. In this campaign is was particularly important because we had a few new players that needed an introduction to their characters.

Fundien: We met up with Fundien as she was using her tracking ability to find an animal that had been terrorizing the forest around the Adventuring School. After much struggling, (horrible dice rolling) Fundien found herself in front of a large cave where the animal tracks stopped.  She peered into the cave and as her eyes adjusted to the darkness she heard a loud growl behind her. Fundien spun around to find herself face to face with a large Kodiak bear between her and the exit of the cave. She calmed herself as she slowly stretched her arms out with her hands open in an attempt to calm the bear before it had a chance to make her lunch. Unfortunately, instead of the bear calming down, it seemed to get more angry, and Fundien instinctively grabbed her twin scimitars and braced for a fight. Just as the bear went to swipe down at Fundien, she felt wind beside her ear and heard the sound of an arrow hitting its mark. The bear swooned and collapsed sideways and in the middle of the bear’s throat was an arrow all too familiar to Fundien. She looks over her shoulder to see Alxander standing on the cliff behind her. After a bit of back and forth they both head to the Adventuring School’s tavern.

Ganos: Ganos was in the basement of the Paladin’s section of the school with his instructor, working on his concentration skills while sparring. There was a noise behind a wooden door in the lowly lit basement, so he used his detect evil ability to find that there was indeed something evil behind the door. Ganos readied himself as he opened the door to find a skeleton lumbering his way towards him. Ganos used his Smite Evil ability to make quick work of the skeleton. The instructor asked Ganos to go to the tavern to try to find any of the necromancers that left their homework wandering the halls.

Tank: Tank began his adventure in a museum underneath the library of the Adventuring School. As he stood in front of a statue of the founder of the school, his great ancestor, he pulled out a piece of cloth that belonged to the very ancestor he was standing in front of. Two other fighters grabbed the piece of cloth from him and he had a brawl with them. It is important to note that I could have given Jon multiple options here, but I absolutely knew he was just going to fight them right off the bat.  After the fight he decided he needed a drink so he made his way to the tavern.

Azalia : Azalia was busy with a class outside at the lake in the middle of the Adventuring School grounds. In the lake there were rafts setup with targets on them that the instructor wanted the class to hit with their spells. As the class began to cast their spells, the teacher then cast a gust of wind spell towards them to test their concentration skills. Azalia stood strong against the wind, but then the teacher added rain to the mix, and Azalia still held her ground. As the test of concentration got harder, Azalia focused all of her energy on hitting the last raft, unleashing a powerful spell that left the raft in splinters. The teacher was very impressed with her skill but warned her to watch the amount of power she was using.

Lucien: Lucien was down in the depths of the rogue section of the school. There was a test coming up, and Lucien was going to use his skills to steal the test the day before. He snuck past a few people easily, due to the dimly lit corridors. As he approached the door to the professor’s office, he noticed there was a trap that he easily dismantled. After unlocking the door and making his way to the desk in the room, Lucien was able to procure the test. Suddenly, there was clapping coming from the corner of the room, and as Lucien turned around,  he saw his professor standing there. It turned out that the test itself was getting into the office and grabbing the test, and Lucien had done well. He was reminded that even though the prize is in sight, he must never forget to look around him. Lucien shrugged off the advice and made his way to the tavern.

Egomas: Skipping school as always, Egomas  was in the tavern playing a card game with a wizard. Egomas was winning so his confidence was growing as his bets got increasingly higher. It got to a point where he was betting money that he could not pay. Unfortunately, his luck took a turn for the worse as he lost a game with high stakes. As the wizard tried to collect, Egomas began to turn on the charm, but to no avail. The wizard got angry and began to cast a spell but his casting was interrupted by a scream in the kitchen.

The room was suddenly filled with nasty little goblins as the rest of the patrons exited the tavern. Egomas was relieved to see the rest of the party run in to help as the wizard disappeared. The fight was a swift one, with the party quickly dispatching the goblins with ease.

After the fight, the group was summoned to the headmasters’ quarters and that’s where we will leave off for this installment. Join us next time when the real adventure begins!