This weekend we went for a few days to Toronto, Canada. While we were there mainly for a baseball game, we were able to make room for a few other activities as well. One of those activities was a visit to Tilt Arcade Bar, a bar on Bloor Street that promises a retro video game experience, all while getting your drink on.
Tilt charges a five dollar cover charge, but the video games are all set to free play. When you walk in you can see that the entire room is lined with different arcade games, and their is seating in the middle. The bar has a bunch of different types of games; cocktail, shooting, pinball, and they even had a couple of couches  with an NES and a SNES set up.
The bar was absolutely packed so I didn’t get a chance to try every game I wanted to, but I was able to play quite a few. I started by taking Will on in a game of NFL Blitz 2000, moved on to Donkey Kong, Wrecked the high score on Bubble Bobble with Kim, and tried a few different pinball machines.

Made it to round 26 on Bubble Bobble and more than doubled the previous high score. 

Although the bar was packed it still seemed like there was a decent amount of room to walk and to play. With the amount of alcohol flowing I almost expected there to be done sort of conflict somewhere, but everyone was respectful, didn’t hog any machines, and competition seemed to be very friendly.
Overall, our experience at Tilt Arcade Bar in Toronto was a very positive one. The bar had a very retro arcade feel, almost like I was transported back to the late 80s or early 90s. I would definitely recommend a visit, but I would try to aim for a time when the bar would have less patrons and you would have a better opportunity to play the games you want.