Over the past 12 years of the rebooted series we have come to love (or hate) several human companions.  Some have come back from the Doctor’s past; some have stuck around through thick and thin; some have come and gone as adventures require them; and some are “one-hit wonders”, but they all have a common purpose: keeping the Doctor true to who he is.  In this series of articles, I will be discussing each major companion the Doctor has had during his travels.

All companions have their high features and low features. Whether we are discussing Rose Tyler’s infatuation, Donna Noble’s complete obliviousness, or Amy’s fiery spirit.

The series starts off with a companion that actually out lives a regeneration cycle of the Time Lord.  Rose Tyler is one of longest running constants in the Doctor’s life, only outlived by Clara Oswald. She is a permanent addition to the TARDIS for two complete seasons.  In the beginning I loved Rose’s thirst for adventure and admiration for everything the Doctor did.  As the season drew on and David Tenant was cast as the new Doctor, their relationship got complicated. The final meeting between Tenant and Rose at Bad Wolf Bay still brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I watch the episode, however, the implications of the romantic relationship between them with no true tension release,  even at the bitter end doesn’t sit well with me.  I feel like it was an unnecessary tension that lasted years.  Rose’s infatuation is understandable, even to the least whovian fan out there; the Doctor is a very mysterious, powerful, intelligent being. However, the sexual tension that lived between these two grew tiresome.  Rose quickly morphed from the adventurous, down to earth, stereotypical British teen, to a very annoying repetitive sidekick. I actually considered not re-watching the first season of Tenant just because of her, but the stories are too good to avoid!

The relationship that the Doctor and Rose had does bring up many deeper questions about the Doctor himself, but I will save those for another time.

Rose falls into my number 5 spot of my ranking of the 6 major companions of the reboot. Stay tuned to find out who is on top and who is at the bottom!