Over 15 years ago, a company named Harmonix burst onto the video game scene creating musical themed games. Starting with Frequency and Amped, they eventually went on to create Guitar Hero and Rockband. They have recently teamed up with board game giant Hasbro to try their hand in bringing music to the tabletop genre with a game called Dropmix.

Dropmix mashes technology with playing cards, with a board that registers the cards that are played onto it and an app that uses the information on the cards to create a mix of music based on the type, and placement of the card. The Dropmix board has 5 spaces for cards with the first being a yellow/red combination, the second being red, third being blue red, fourth being blue, and the fifth being blue/green.  There is also a Dropmix button at the end of the card spaces that will interact with the app when pressed.

In the clash mode or versus mode of Dropmix, the objective is to be the first player to get to 21 points. Each player begins with 5 cards, and are able to do two things a turn; play a card in an appropriate coloured spot, or hit the Dropmix button which will cause a wheel to spin, and give you a chance to remove some of your opponents cards.

There are 4 different types of cards that represent different parts of a song; yellow cards are vocals, red are melodies, blue are rhythm, and green are harmonies and bass. There are also two special types of cards, which are white and rainbow. White cards are special cards that can be played on any colour and have an effect such as “+1 point for every blue card in play”. Rainbow cards are cards that can be played on any other card and has every part of a song, meaning if it is played on the yellow vocal slot it will play the vocals and so on.

I played this game with a few different groups; my wife and our baby who loved the music, a few friends, and my in-laws, and all of them enjoyed the game. We tried the clash mode,  the party mode, and the freestyle, and all modes were fun on different levels.

What Dropmix Does Right:

  • The choice of music and the expansion packs that are promised for the future make the options of mixes incredibly large.
  • The app keeps the game flowing and gives information that is needed, such as how many cards are in the players’ hands.
  • With different game modes and the ability to save mixes, there is more than one way to play Dropmix.

What Dropmix Could Have Done Better:

  • The cards are not very high quality and easily bend if they don’t already come that way.
  • The strategy is pretty light when it comes to the clash (VS) mode, making the focus more on the music than the competition.
  • The app only works on newer tablets or phones, so tough luck with your Ipad 2 or Samsung Tab 3.

Overall, Dropmix is a great game for parties, and for families. The mix of music along with light strategy, as well as the party mode, make for an excellent gaming experience. Hopefully Harmonix continues to support the game with new packs and updates to the app. I highly suggest if you enjoy music games like Rockband, and light cards games, then you give Dropmix a try.

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